Training Tracks

The Olive View-UCLA Internal Medicine Residency Program has two main tracks:

Categorical Medicine

The categorical program is designed to suit the needs of physicians who want to practice either general internal medicine (primary care or hospital medicine) or who want to pursue subspecialty training in highly competitive programs. It is our program’s philosophy that training of both specialists and general internists is very important, and that all housestaff who graduate from our program should be competent to enter private practice, HMO, group practice, academic medicine, or subspecialty training. It should be noted that many of those trainees who elect to go into general internal medicine have been selected to be either a chief resident, a GIM fellow at sites throughout the UCLA system, or work in academic medicine.

Throughout the three years, elective months are available to insure the flexibility necessary to create an individualized program. This can be aimed towards more general internal medicine/primary care or more subspecialty medicine training.

In addition to outstanding training in inpatient medicine, the program is specifically designed to provide strong outpatient medicine skills. Residents will spend at least ten months in our Ambulatory Medicine and Urgent Care rotations throughout the 3 years of training. This outpatient clinic model includes experiences in treating general medicine patients assigned to a resident continuity panel, as well as exposures to medicine subspecialties. In addition, our unique ambulatory medicine rotation includes non-internal medicine subspecialty clinics.

Preliminary Medicine

The preliminary program is for interns who are seeking a solid foundation in internal medicine prior to entering a different specialty. Interns have essentially the same curriculum as categorical interns, which allows them to receive a broad exposure to all major areas of adult illness. It is designed to meet the needs of interns going into neurology, radiology, radiation oncology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, dermatology, ophthalmology, and other specialities. At the end of the year, all interns who have completed this training are competent in managing patient care issues on their own.

Primary Care Medicine

We are proud to partner with UCLA to expand the UCLA Primary Care residency with the creation of the Olive View/Santa Clarita track. Primary Care residents will have a continuity clinical experience at both Olive View and Santa Clarita, and will integrate with our categorical residents on inpatient services. The focus of this track is to train residents looking to pursue careers in Primary Care. For additional information visit UCLA Internal Medicine.